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Ivory Consult Ltd has two key arms of operation consisting of  the business arm and the consultancy arm. The business arm consists of WaterPro, Hygiene Pro and Research & Development.

WATER PRO is a one-stop shop for water purification and disinfection solutions.  This means that we have a team of experts who ably assess, design, install and service water purification systems based on the customer’s specific water quality.  We do not simply sell equipment. 

A rural water distribution project built by ivory consult




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HYGIENE PRO provides a solution for the safe disposal of hazardous waste.  We fabricate and install modular incinerators.  Using the concept of pyrolysis, our incinerators attain sufficiently high temperatures (800 C). Waste that requires incineration, such as hospital waste or expired products, is combusted cleanly and completely.

In an effort to make environmentally responsible impact, our  Research & Development arm is currently researching in the area of clean and sustainable energy generation, and indigenous plants conservation and use.

In the consultancy arm, Ivory Consult operates the divisions of Environmental Management and Institutional capacity. Ivory Consult is registered with the National Environmental Management Agency (NEMA) in Kenya.  We perform environmental impact assessments (EIA) and environmental audits. 


Our Vision

At Ivory Consult, we envision a better world for more of the world.  We envision this because, by virtue of every person being unique and special, we value the dignity of every person.  Our mission, using “business-with-a-difference” principles, is sustainable livelihoods.   


Telephone: 00254-20-550 631, 00254-20-550 622, Postal address: Ivory Consult Ltd, P. O. Box 76604, 00508 Nairobi, Kenya Email Address: inquiries@ivoryconsult.com